Friday, September 17, 2010

Unit Writeup: Ravens

 I usually like to talk about the Starcraft units that aren't getting a lot of attention cause every unit in Starcraft has its own nice niche that people seem to forget about often.  The Raven is certainly a prime example.  Ravens are the terran's flying detecting unit that comes with special abilities.  They come with the abilities of Point Defense Drone, and Auto-Turret, and can learn Seeker Missile.  The Duration of all of the Raven's abilities can be increased by the Durable Materials research.

The Point Defense Drone will shoot down missile attacks from the enemy within it's range.  It will work against the following:
  • Marauder, Viking, Banshee, Battlecruiser, Thor, Missile Turret
  • Stalker, Phoenix, Photon Cannon
  • Queen, Mutalisk, Corruptor, Hydralisk, Spore Crawler.
A point defense drone thrown into a small battle will certainly help change the tide if the enemy player doesn't run away.

The Auto-Turret ability will create a stationary gunner that will last for 180 game time.  These can be great when added into a battle to deal extra damage or absorb some.  Also can be laid down behind enemy mineral lines to kill workers.  Alone against enemies obviously aren't much of a threat, but if enough are made and laid down, you have an expendable army that can be very scary.

Their last ability is the Seeker Missile.  There isn't much out there that is as terrifying as the Seeker-Missile slowly inching it's way towards your large ball of units.  It does 100 damage and has a sizable splash radius.

Heres some game examples with Ravens being used.


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