Sunday, September 19, 2010

Corruptor Fight!

Heres some results of one on one fights with a corruptor and other air units.  This is all without upgrades.

Without Corruption:
Viking = Tie
Phoenix = Win with 80 hp left
Mutalisk = Win with 136 hp left
Voidray = Loss with 150 hp on void
BC = Loss with 414 Hp left
Carrier = Loss with 310 Hp left

With Corruption:
Viking = Win with 16 hp left
Phoenix = Same
Muta = Win with 140 hp
Voidray = Same
BC = Loss with 403 left
Carrier = Loss with 306 hp left

You'll need at least 3 corruptors to take down a BC or Carrier without upgrades while using Corruption.

Corruptors are flying tanks with 200 hp and starting with 2 armor.  I like to make at least one with a pack of mutalisks just to send it in first to take most of the damage.